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Children & Young People   03:17


  • By HUMPHREY  SAMBO · Zimbabwe, SSA



Main aim of the charity

The charity aims to assist less privileged children and orphans to access basic education. The charity also assists whereas the social welfare of such children is concerned offers accommodation to some of the children.

How the employee got involved and why

Many at times we often look at ourselves and think that we do not have enough. Truth be told is that there are people out there who are failing to make ends meet not because they want to but because they do not have an option. Zimbabwe was hardly hit by cyclone floods in 2019 and is also characterized by over 86% unemployment. As if this is not enough, there is high prevalence of HIV/AIDS which has left thousands of children as orphans and destitute. Most of these children have become part of extended families were they receive little or no attention at all with regards to their welfare and education. This touched my heart to notice that over 100 children in Chitungwiza needed some assistance to attain basic education to better their lives and unlock their potential. I felt something leaping and pushing me from within to help these children since 2018. I felt that I could go teach and go help in the community that is mother to us all.

What work does the employee do for charity?

At my charity, I am actively involved in conducting interactive sessions and motivational talks with the children so as to inspire them to see beyond their immediate situation. The primary basis of such motivational talks is to renew their mind and show them that even the greatest people who are admired world over once suffered the same fate in life that is growing up under difficult circumstances. I also conduct debates and poetry slams with the children to sharpen their communication skills and build exposure which is really hard to gain in such a place. I have also pioneered clean up campaigns onsite and go-green initiatives to plant trees. With the help of a few friends and workmates, we have also managed to donate clothing, toiletries and some money to assist the children although this is not enough to cover all the children. I also spend time with the children and play games with them , such bonding has a healing effect on them and gives them hope for a brighter day and a brighter tomorrow.

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