Shenzhen Nanshan Shining star Special Children Rehabilitation Center

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Jianlong Chen

Main aim of the charity

It is a private non-enterprise welfare institution, mainly serving children with autism, learning disabilities, and mental retardation in cognitive, sensory, social, musical, and game teaching. It is equipped with perfect teaching facilities and a team of professional special education teachers, with love, patience and professionalism as the teaching and service tenet. Ninety percent of the children with special training have made great progress and can try out for kindergarten and primary school. This reduces the burden on families and society.

How the employee got involved and why

In 2015, I began organizing trips to volunteer service bases for volunteer colleagues.Nowadays, autism is more and more found among new born babies in China. While, only a few people know this special disease and have knowledge and proper attitude towards these lovely but special children. In DHL Express Shenzhen Area, there are a certain number of employees just became new Mom and Dad. To learn how to care for and interact with a kid, especially an autistic kid is actually an attractive and meaningful lesson for them. It will provide opportunities for them to grow to mature parents and responsible social person.It's also in line with DHL's "Go Green", "Go Teach" and "Go Help" pillars

What work does the employee do for charity?

Every year, I organize my volunteer colleagues to go to the volunteer service base to teach and play games with autistic children, so as to increase the social awareness of the community.

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