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Shibuya No Radio

  • By Yoshinori Tonoura · Japan, APEC


Yoshinori Tonoura

Main aim of the charity

My main aim of working for "Shibuya no Radio" is connecting people. Under the coronavirus surge, many of small shops have a serious financial difficulties now. Or the elderly people that it is hard to obtain information from the Internet cannot get the enough information of Coronavirus. Community radio could provide these information to the local and connect people each other. And I would like to support this as volunteer.

How the employee got involved and why

I join to "Shibuya no Radio" in 2017. When the great earthquake hit Kansai region in 1995, it was so hard that people get the information like about lifeline, or where they could get the food, water and other daily necessities, etc….. I strongly remembered that my relatives or friends had also no way to get. When another big earthquake hit the eastern Japan in 2011, community radio station was sending living information to local people in the disaster-stricken Tohoku region to support. I was very impressed with that news and I joined to "Shibuya no Radio" when I hear they started if I could do supporting the local people as volunteer staff on community radio.

What work does the employee do for charity?

On every Sunday, I go to the Community Radio Station called "Shibuya no Radio" which located at Shibuya, the center of Tokyo. "Shibuya no Radio" provides the local information to the people who lives in Shibuya area. It is operated by Non Governmental Organization and over hundreds of volunteer staff. I work as the program director for a several radio programs. Program director plans the contents of the program and interview to the people before or on the program. I've been interview to the people work on small shops, restaurants or public facilities and events on my program “Shiburadi Kyoshujo” to introduce to the local people.

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