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  • By GIVEN KUNDA · Zambia, SSA



Main aim of the charity

Improving lives through provision of basic needs and promotion of literacy among vulnerable children. Also post natal support to young mothers.

How the employee got involved and why

My volunteer work started January 2019. Helping others is one of the most genuine and satisfying feelings. It is not just good for the people you help but is good for both the Giver and the Receiver. Whether it is big or small, taking those first steps towards making a positive change in the way we see others and how we decide to interact with each other is undeniable progress. As rightly put by Anne Frank, nobody has ever become poor by giving. I do strongly believe that if you provide something valuable to someone; be it your smile, time, advice or effort, then that person, charity or company will attach that value to you. Do this enough times and you will see something amazing start to happen; it might lead you on a new path, help with career progression or personal goals. Nothing on the entire planet trumps intent and nothing says intent and value quite like helping somebody else achieve their goals. I have achieved because of kindness by others and I believe I MUST give back so that others can achieve because of me. It is against this background that I chose to be a volunteer at SLEEVES ROLLED UP, a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) which is run by young professionals who believe that no matter how busy this world is, we should all take time to ensure that every life should be dignified.

What work does the employee do for charity?

We are a team of young professionals, passionate about improving lives through provision of basic needs and promotion of literacy among vulnerable children. Additionally, we offer post-natal support to young mothers. We have distributed old books, food, clothes, to the vulnerable in our Society especially at University Teaching Hospital, Chilenje Transient Home and have conducted feeding programs around Manda Hill & NIPA areas as well as other random streets, with permission from the respective Police Stations. We have taken it upon ourselves to fund our own programs by contributing the little we can to help our communities. We however acknowledge that in order to help more and often and on a larger scale, we need donations from well-wishers.

Big hearts change the world Big hearts change the world

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