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The Practice Meloday

  • By Peggy  Yu · Taiwan, APEC


Peggy  Yu

Main aim of the charity

Initiate local renew projects include indigenous kids development and cautiously take care of indigenous kids’ learning & baseball team. Support local historical houses renewal and elder groups build up new business. Introduce and establish reading habit, improve local artistic creation and cultivation.

How the employee got involved and why

From June 2020, considered Taiwan indigenous kids have less education resources and lacked living environment, I would like to contribute my individual effort to share my caring and company with them. Also, I would like to be the consistent academic tutor to support them establish the learning habit and have more knowledge.

What work does the employee do for charity?

Be the volunteer of indigenous kids program to take care for kid’s daily life and academic tutor. At the meantime, be the bookstore volunteer to host the free books borrow model and share the indigenous kids baseball team implementation and daily education program.

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