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Zachariah Mbanda

Main aim of the charity

Well, ours is a self help project meant to uplift the community we are living in by constructing affordable shelters , more of voluntary undertakings- where we have featured in different social needs like financing construction of pit latrines 5 families, Iron sheets to complete construction of 2 houses for the needy in our neighborhood, so whenever the community leaders approach us as TAO we contribute within our means to ensure we are part of change .

How the employee got involved and why

We formed this group way back in 2011 with a humble beginning in Nyamirambo. We were a handful friends then but gradually joined by other new members that pushed our number to 46 members today. The motive of the Group was to uplift each other through a scheme where each one tried their best to contribute 10,000 Rwanda francs on a monthly basis to secure a piece of land for settlement and supporting one other in times of need. We initially extended a helping hand to the needy in the communities in terms of food stuff but was not sustainable for long, instead we opted to be contributing to the kids qur’anic reading competition once a year. We managed to buy a big piece of land where each one of us has a plot to build a house, used the savings to lay a foundation for each member to later carry on with completing the house. At this stage some few members have reached roofing stage while many are struggling, some with no jobs and quite stuck. our aim is add value to communities we live in . some good milestones on our journey is achieving the objective of laying foundations for constructing shelters for members who thought we were just dreaming. we currently have about 50 plots and each member owns a plot. about 20 houses are on the ring beam stage few have roofed while the others are still stuck and unable to finish. we pride ourselves in supporting Quranic reading competitions each year, through our savings we were able to construct toilets for 5 families in our area, contributed iron sheets to needy neighbors in our community . through the savings at Equity bank, we managed to raise 30,000 francs for each family to support all the 46 families during the lock down. and many more.

What work does the employee do for charity?

Through a monthly contribution of RWF 10,000 each member is committed to ensure we bank the money at Equity Bank. no other source of fundings except our monthly savings,

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