Warm Baby Project

  • By Vicky Collins · DHK (Air), Europe


Vicky Collins

Main aim of the charity

The main aim of this charity is to give a little warmth to the families of premature babies by providing them with personally handmade items which are made by a large number of volunteers such as myself Some hospitals make a pack-up of the blankets/cardigans etc...for the parents to take away with them when their baby is of a good size to leave hospital...others are given them to wear in the hospital as a lot of the time they are not aware of the fact they will be having an underweight baby so are unprepared! Also in the unfortunate event that a baby is born asleep the parents can at least dress them in something other than a hospital gown

How the employee got involved and why

I started roughly around a year ago as I have a great passion for crafting and making things and as my children have all grown up I didn't really have anyone to knit for...that is when my daughter Alice put me onto this group and I absolutely love it! It is especially rewarding to see pictures of babies who started off life with very little chance of survival,thriving and getting bigger wearing something that has been lovingly created by someone like myself...not to mention the thank you letter's from the Nurses!

What work does the employee do for charity?

I have over the past year been Knitting for a charity called The Warm Baby project They run on behalf of all Neo-Natal units supplying blankets/cardigans/hats/cannular sleeves/bonding squares and teddies to premature babies So far this year I have sent the above items to Birmingham Childrens hospital/Manchester neo-natal ward & various London hospitals Sometimes they also request knitted clothing for older children for refuges and day centre's for disadvantaged families too and have also started requesting for a project in Uganda which is ongoing

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