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Main aim of the charity

Take care of the environment and add green to our world. 爱护环境,为我们的世界增添绿色

How the employee got involved and why

Now mankind is facing a severe environmental crisis, global warming, sharp decline in forest resources, land desertification, accelerated species extinction,,,,, we need to take action to do something for our common planet, everyone has a small Small environmental behaviors will bring great changes to the world. Starting in 2007, Shandong has consistently focused on social welfare activities. Shandong has successively organized charitable activities such as cleaning up coastline moss, warming the disabled, donations to schools for deaf and mute children, long-term volunteers in autism schools, and planting trees in the ant forest.. 现在人类正面临着严峻的环境危机,全球变暖、森林资源锐减、土地荒漠化、物种加速灭绝、、、、、、,我们需要行动起来,为我们共同的星球做些什么,每个人一个小小的环保行为,就会给世界带来大大的美好变化。 自2007年开始,一致关注社会公益,山东先后组织过海岸线浒苔清理、为残疾人送温暖、聋哑儿童学校爱心捐赠、自闭症学校长期义工、蚂蚁森林种树等公益活动。

What work does the employee do for charity

Environmental protection knows no borders, and build a green earth under the same sky! Starting from August 2021, the Shandong district launched the “Watering a Friend, Go Green” environmental protection activity. 130 colleagues spontaneously formed 26 environmental protection teams. Every day they gain energy through their own environmental behaviors, plant real trees, and add to our world. green. As of the end of September 2021, colleagues have obtained a total of 2080083 energy through green travel, suspension of private cars to reduce emissions, public transportation, donations of old clothes, and book donations, and can plant 18 physical Pinus tabulaeformis. We will continue to build our beautiful home through our own environmental behavior. Since 2007, the Shandong sub-district has been paying attention to social welfare. It has successively organized public welfare activities such as cleaning up coastline moss, warming the disabled, donations to schools for deaf and mute children, and long-term volunteers in schools for autism.. 环保不分国界,在同一片苍穹下,共建绿色地球!2021年8月份开始山东分区开展了“浇个朋友,Go Green”环保活动,130位同事自发组成了26个环保团队,每天通过自身的环保行为获取能量,种下真树,为我们的世界增添绿色。 截止到2021年9月底,同事们通过绿色出行、停驶私家车减排、乘坐公共交通工具、旧衣物捐赠、图书捐赠等形式共获取能量2080083,可种植18棵实体油松。我们将继续通过自己的环保行为建设我们美好的家园。 山东分区自2007年开始,一致关注社会公益,先后组织过海岸线浒苔清理、为残疾人送温暖、聋哑儿童学校爱心捐赠、自闭症学校长期义工等公益活动。

Big hearts change the world Big hearts change the world

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