Pimprapa Rawephatsopon

Senior Director, Customer Service

Thailand, APEC


1668 Volunteer Call Center

Main aim of the charity

Gathering of (volunteer) call center staffs to support 1668 call center during the COVID19 pandemic crisis, when the government is unable to adequately serve COVID19 patients and relatives who urgently need assistance in finding a hospital, registering and providing support to the patients. We all volunteered to help out the 1668 call center after office hours. This collaboration project between TCCTA & DHL volunteer call center & IT which can truly embedded DHL’s purpose of “Connecting people, Improving lives”.

How the employee got involved and why

I felt really tragic seeing and hearing the news (everyday) regarding the Covid-19 situation in TH that was getting worse and worse, there were several call centers set up to help the patients but never enough, so I have chanced discussing with Thailand Call Center Trade Association’s chairman about whether there is anything we can do to support social during Covid-19 pandemic situation in Thailand. He then worked with government department in charge of the contact center (1668 hotline) for Thai people, and after finalizing the scope, I immediately set up the working team to find the volunteers from our people in DHL Express (TH) Call Center who're eager to help as they have to support the calls after their working hour and do it out of the generosity of their hearts, we were able to gather 25 volunteers, and we began to support the calls at the midst of July 2021.

What work does the employee do for charity

We have supported the government call center (1668 Hotline) that was established for people who stayed in Thailand (both Thai and non-Thais) to assist covid-19 patients in finding the hospital, registering and providing support to the patients who are in needed during the most difficult time particularly since July 2021 when number of the infections in Thailand has accelerated.

Big hearts change the world Big hearts change the world

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