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A Drop of Life

Main aim of the charity

In the North Western part of China, the rainy season is short and the humidity is very low, hence the evaporation rate is very high. Locals live in the remote part of the country do not have a proper water supply system, they rely on the rain water for daily use. But as the evaporation rate is too high, the ponds will be dried up before Winter comes. In view of this, they build an underground water cellar for each house hold. The underground water cellar connects the rain drainage pipes on the rooftop, collects the water and stores the rainwater in the underground water cellar. With the underground water cellar, the household can use water in dry and cold winter season. Although the construction of water cellars were not hi-tech, they were practical facility for villages to save water near their houses and could be easily accessed. They built almost 55,000 water cellars mainly in Gansu Province, NingXi, and also extended their project scope to build Dams (39 dams were built) and Water Purification System in school (62 system have been installed) , in order to retain water and irrigation and hence long term improvement for villages. Water Purification System eliminates the risks of drinking water being contaminated by harsh chemicals.

How the employee got involved and why

My contribution brings clean and safe water to families around the world every year. Her long term support is the most effective way to ensure that water projects keep running.I want to help poor people as many as i can. From 2010 to now, I have become our monthly donor for more than 10 years, i donored 150 HKD every month.More than 76,000 people were benefited over these years.

What work does the employee do for charity

A Drop of Life was founded in 1998, till now it is our 23rd year of presence in Hong Kong. We are a Hong Kong registered Charity formed under Section 88 of the IRD ordinance. We believe that the access to safe water is a common good, and we want to turn this into a reality to everyone in the world. As you can see from our name and logo, we are a charity which focuses on water crisis. We provide suitable water solutions based on the local water problems and geographical environment. From water source protection to water supply, to water storage, to water purification, we provide different solution based on our beneficiaries need. Our projects include: Water Cellars construction, Water Pumps construction, Water Filter installation, Community Pond construction, Water Dam construction, Community Water Supply System installation, etc. Besides WATER, we also focus on Children development and poverty alleviation. We help rebuild schools in remote areas in Nepal and Cambodia and we distribute aid packs during natural disaster and pandemic.

Big hearts change the world Big hearts change the world

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