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Yemen, Republic Of, MENA



Main aim of the charity

As our team , Feeding needy people , & environmentally go green. We are team working as one hand , going in a previously made plan with techniques. The aim of Alkhair Foundation: 1- Home Gardening to Improve Livelihoods in Taiz, As Shamyteen Bani Shaibah Al-sharq 2- Funding and supporting the cultivation of 15,000 coffee seedlings in rural areas in Taiz governorate.

How the employee got involved and why

Taking the GoGreen course was eye opening to the urgency of the matter of cleansing our environment. Accordingly, we set out to investigate the rapid loss of the once green spaces around us that have started to turn into buildings-a sad realization that couples with horrendous impact of the war that has destroyed Yemen. Therefore, we summoned our will to retaliate in order to save what is left of our environment for our sake and for that of our future generations and the relentless hunt for a suitable land to grow trees and flowers began. After two months of hopeful resilient efforts, we restored faith in our endeavors when Mr. Alwan supported us with a generous offer to a piece of land. Since we have lost count of the number of bombs dropped on our beloved land, the notion of planting a tree for every bomb proved farfetched; instead, we decided to plant a tree for every province in Yemen-21. After two months of hard labor in the garden, we strengthened our bond with our land and nourished the dying roots by watering it with our sweat and feeding it with new aspirations to grow stronger and greener ever again. We are now more appreciative of being around trees and flowers that detox our souls of the stress and the miseries of war. Unfortunately, our country is going through a hard time and we panic at the sight of long queues in petrol stations or water pumps, and we panic more over the sounds of the explosions tearing up our eyes and deafening our ears. Our garden is a manifestation of our hope for a better future for our beloved country, and from this experience we learn that we are always able to do better. The harvest from the farm will be donated to the poor every season, and the trees will resume their natural role of filtering the air and replenishing the soul, and we will be there for each other. From one piece of land we will contribute a lot and with the passage of time we will plant more, and we will contribute to make our land a wonderful place to live. Even dreams in our country suffer deprivation; we can't even nurture our garden and we have to watch it die out right before our own eyes. Three months after growing it and nurturing it with hopes and love, they closed the land where our garden grows, and we could not water the trees and the lovely plantations. We didn't give up on them, though. We fought back till we managed to have access to it and started nourishing it again, and, to our joy, the trees and plants flourished and started breathing Now, about a year later, our garden has grown stronger, like our dreams for a better future environment. We are combating pollution and CO2 release into the atmosphere.

What work does the employee do for charity

We are visiting the garden two times a month to water the trees clean it, beside we paid a monthly salary paid to a farmer to take care of it all the time

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