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Christiana Ford | Joel Lopez | Maria Camila Dominguez | Melanie Castelar | Natalia Salazar Rojas

Regional Head Office (AM Head Office), Americas


Main aim of the charity

Christiana Ford - CVG Hub. Charitable Cause: KAMP Dovetail | Joel Lopez - MEXICO. Charitable Cause: Picnic Muuk'noh | Maria Camila Dominguez - CSA AREA OFFICE Charitable Cause: MyHop Foundation | Melanie Castelar - URUGUAY. Charitable Cause: Fundacion Canguro | Natalia Salazar Rojas - COSTA RICA. Charitable Cause: Santiago Crespo Home for Elderly

How the employee got involved and why

All DGH applicants are passionate about their causes and each has a unique story about their involvement, watch the film to find out more.

What work does the employee do for charity

Christiana Ford: Each year Christiana volunteers her time at the Kamp Dovetail summer camp working with children with disabilities taking them fishing, boating or horseback riding and having the best time ever. | Joel Lopez: Joel works with Picnic Muuk’noh that helps children with cancer to overcome economic challenges. Joel also uses his technical skills to help an orphanage with a maintenance work they cannot afford. | Maria Camila Dominguez: Maria started the “MyHop Foundation” in 2020 to help especially young people who ended up in prisons or rehabilitations centers to get a second chance and make an impact in their communities. | Melanie Castelar: Melanie visits the Fundacion Canguro every week to spend 4 hours with babies that are disconnected from their families. With financial help volunteers are also able to buy dippers, milk and other basic needs. | Natalia Salazar Rojas: Natalia dedicates her free time to helping the elderly that are often being neglected. Natalia supports by spending time in the elderly home, collecting gifts and searching for volunteers to visits the Home especially during Christmas.

Big hearts change the world Big hearts change the world

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