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Dima Shammas

Accounting Manager

Lebanon, MENA


Animals Lebanon

Main aim of the charity

Animals Lebanon was started by a group of young, passionate and determined individuals wanting to make Lebanon a better place for animals. They believed that improving their welfare is a necessary and admirable goal in itself, and recognized that when the welfare of animals improves great things can happen for the country. These five people turned an idea and a $500 investment into what is now the most recognized animal welfare organization in Lebanon and the Middle East. Animals Lebanon has been awarded for the breadth and impact of its work – joining international conventions, fighting the trafficking of endangered species, closing zoos and circuses, rescuing thousands of animals, and responding to tens of thousands of requests for help every year. Most significantly, we drafted the Animal Protection and Welfare Law and lobbied all levels of government to see it come into force in 2017, protecting all animals now and for years to come.

How the employee got involved and why

Due to COVID-19 crisis not much has been done in terms of volunteering , before I used to occasionally go to the shelter and socialize with the cats who are in constant need of attention and affection. After the Beirut Port Blast , and given I live near the port, i lost one of my cats under the rubble. I directly contacted Animals Lebanon to help me find it, which they did after 2 days. I would like to help them like they helped me.

What work does the employee do for charity

Being an Animal Lover , I always admired Animals Lebanon 's work in terms of rescuing animals , taking care of them, securing foster homes for the stray cats and dogs as well as finding them homes outside Lebanon. Whenever I used to find cats in need of rescue , I would contact them to assist me on the case.

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