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Anil Kumar | Ivy PY Cheung | Md. Aminul Islam | Punlok Ty | Saara Koster

Regional Head Office (APEC Head Office), APEC


Main aim of the charity

Anil Kumar - INDIA. Charitable Cause: I-Help Foundation | Ivy PY Cheung - CENTRAL ASIA Hub. Charitable Cause: Ebenezer Care & Attention Home | Md. Aminul Islam - BANGLADESH. Charitable Cause: Help for Humanity Foundation | Punlok Ty - CAMBODIA. Charitable Cause: Volunteering Cycling Program | Saara Koster - NEW ZEALAND. Charitable Cause: Drug-Arm

How the employee got involved and why

All DGH applicants are passionate about their causes and each has a unique story about their involvement, watch the film to find out more.

What work does the employee do for charity

Anil Kumar: Anil joined the foundation in 2018 to help underprivileged individuals and communities through various social activities as self defense classes and tree planting and fundraising programs. | Ivy PY Cheung: As a registered Expressive Arts Therapist Ivy organizes therapeutic treatment sessions to help individuals with special needs. | Md. Aminul Islam: Aminul established the Foundation in 2017. Twice a month he travels almost 8 hours to spend a weekend in an orphanage, providing mental and educational support to the orphans. | Punlok Ty: Punlok has been working on the cycling programs in slum communities for 4 years now to motivate young people and to provide an alternative to gangs and violence. | Saara Koster: Saara volunteers on a Street Van outreach helping feed the homeless of the city.  Cooking sausages, making drinks and being a listening ear and support to those in need out on the streets at night.

Big hearts change the world Big hearts change the world

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