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Zofia Orzeł

Sales Processes & Development Coordinator

Poland, Europe


AS ONE For Basia!

Main aim of the charity

We help Basia live better. We do the grocery shopping and other necessary purchases (medicines, clothes). And finally we renovate her very poor and little room. She is lonely old lady, who have no one except us. Our work makes Basia's dream come true!

How the employee got involved and why

It all started in December 2020. We met Basia when, as part of a nationwide charity action, we delivered her Christmas gifts - warm clothes, long term food and also her dreamed TV and yarns hand-set. Then we realized that the needs were much bigger. The winter was cold and the only window in the room was leaky. SPEED and AS ONE are in our DNA so we managed to replace the window before Christmas Eve and we also brought a Christmas tree and some Christmas dishes whip-rounds for Basia to create Christmas spirit! We have also bought a firewood so Basia was able to warm up her room. We gave her blankets and warm shoes. But then other plans to help Basia began to create in our heads. The room definitely needed warming up and renovating. Some of the furniture, bed and armchairs had to be replaced with new ones. We need money to make our plan come true. We created a whip-round on web portal and we started to collect money. First need of all was a fridge, which Basia didn't have at all. We have still visited Basia regularly and brought her food and necessary medicines. In the meantime we organized renovation materials and planned the whole action. We have started the renovation at July. At this moment room is already warmer, walls are painted, there is new bed and new furniture. This was our primary goal but it is still not the end! Till 26th November we will finished all the renovation topics in main room and make it more cosy. The next step is to renovate the corridor and create there a small bathroom. We also will be come back with Christmas presents, Christmas tree and Christmas Spirit this year!

What work does the employee do for charity

I am a "glue". I connect everyone who is or was involved in the project. I am a contact person for Basia, we call each other once a week. I motivate people to get involved and publicize Basia's story on the company's forum. I also was the founder of the whole idea. I visit Basia once a month in average and do the grocery shopping. And finally I found a wonderful group of people who do the same as me. We are the Dream Team for Basia!

Big hearts change the world Big hearts change the world

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