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Main aim of the charity

ASFEMA is constituted as an association of families (currently around 150) of people affected by a group of metabolic diseases: aminoacidopathies. Its common characteristic is the deficiency in the breakdown function of certain amino acids, which leads to their accumulation in the body in a toxic and harmful form. These diseases, detectable through neonatal screening, are characterized by requiring a protein-restricted diet (so as not to provide harmful amino acids) and because, if not detected in the neonatal period of the patient's life, they cause irreversible damage to the nervous system. leading either to psychomotor and intellectual retardation, or to more severe damage that can cause the death of the patient. The protein-restricted diet, together with the intake of supplements that provide necessary nutrients, is the only treatment that allows you to lead a physically and intellectually full life. The treatment of metabolic diseases requires, apart from medical monitoring, attention to its social, psychological and economic aspects. Those affected face a series of problems that can be classified as follows: social, phsicology, economic and administrative. Asfema works to help with all needs

How the employee got involved and why

My young son was diagnosed with a metabolic disease called pku at birth. Contact the ONG and since then I collaborate closely with them every day. Actually I am the treasurer

What work does the employee do for charity

I look for grants, chat with families, and help out at the food bank.I review and supervisor the economic.

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