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Rocio Garcia Rodriguez

CS Project Manager

Global and Europe Head Office (GHO/EHO), Europe


Asociación Pablo Ugarte

Main aim of the charity

APU provides financial support to cancer (mostly childhood cancer) research projects. Currently it is supporting 28 different investigation teams and it is the non for profit private association that provides more money to support cancer research in Spain.

How the employee got involved and why

I started since its very beginning. Pablo’s father works in the Spanish Navy with my younger brother and Pablo and my nephew were friends. I knew Pablo. When Pablo died at the age of 10 after 2.5 years of cancer, his parents wanted to help somehow. At the hospital they were told that money to support investigation projects was crucial to fight against cancer. They contacted work colleagues and friends. The idea was to give a small quantity monthly to ensure that we all could support an investigation project for a long time as researching takes time. Then we all work in organizing events to get more money... but the aim remains the same and EVERY SINGLE EURO we can reach it goes to investigation projects.

What work does the employee do for charity

Since the aim of this charity is to get money to support research projects against childhood cancer, I help to get money. By helping them to be known by others, showing to others how much they can do with a little money. I wear their t-shirts, buy them as a present to others, when I’m available I help in the events organized, I also pay a small quantity monthly and I talk about it and our cause every time I have the chance.

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