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Trisha Govender

Customer Care & Key Accounts Manager

South Africa, SSA


CFCI Welfare

Main aim of the charity

To help those in need regardless of age, race, gender

How the employee got involved and why

In 2017 - I had just joined the church a year ago and started my 1st year bible school when i strongly believed I had a calling to be more and do more around my community. I believed God was calling me to be his hands and feet on earth so I decided to look into a team at church where I could use my abilities and skills to help others. The Welfare team sparked my interest and since then i have been a part of this amazing team of volunteers who strive to make a difference to those who are less fortunate.

What work does the employee do for charity

I have had the privilege to work with my welfare team to assist many families living in shocking conditions with food, blankets, clothes, and basic toiletries. During COVID a lot of lives were impacted by job loss and overall people struggling to even put food on the table we therefore started a pantry project that provide support with food parcels to help families get though this difficult time. Abused women and children living on the streets or in abused homes have been taken under our wing where they have been mentored and accommodated until the women could get back on their feet. I have also supported with the cooking of hot meals on a Wednesday after work for our homesless outreach program done weekly in the East rand area. I also volunteer over weekends to visit various baby homes within Johannesburg to purely assist the house mothers with some chores and spend time loving and nurturing these beautiful babies . Due to lack of support to upkeep most of these homes, the children are removed and placed in other shelters. Our Welfare took it upon ourselves to improve the conditions of some of these homes and make some amazing transformations. We also spend time serving our CITY by cleaning streets and parks in the area.

Big hearts change the world Big hearts change the world

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