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ahmad jibreen

front line advisor

Jordan, MENA


clothes donation

Main aim of the charity

warmly yours , spread the social responsibility and help people to donate their useless clothes to someone might need it more and also warm them in the winter season

How the employee got involved and why

10 years ago I started my initiative by collecting used winter clothes from neighbors , friends and family members to donate them to people they are in need for these clothes . Each winter season I encourage everyone I know to support this mission where I found it adds a value to other people to make cold days warmer ones As Mom used to say in Arabic أجرهم ولا هجرهم , I keep all these clothes inside my car trunk and randomly I distribute them to people in need during rainy days during my drives at less fortunate areas like Down Town

What work does the employee do for charity

At Social Media tools I spread the word effectively where I managed during the past years to gather huge number of bags and have higher number of donations as this became a yearly ritual from each winter We need your Support , Please get us your unwanted used clothes and place them at these Boxes

Big hearts change the world Big hearts change the world

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