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Ivy P Y Cheung

Senior Manager, Security

Central Asia Hub, APEC


Ebenezer Care & Attention Home

Main aim of the charity

Ebenezer Care and Attention Home provides accommodation service with social, health and personal care for the visually impaired elderly.

How the employee got involved and why

The residents in the elderly home are visually impaired, some are partially and some are totally. Some of them are born blind, and some are losing their eyesight gradually due to aging, accidents or diseases. They are not only facing physical changes, but also socially as they have to leave their families and move to a new residential environment living with some strangers. As a result, the residents may be suffering from loneliness, or even mental illness. However, it may not be easy for them to express their emotion and feelings, or sometimes they may not be aware of that at all. As a registered expressive arts therapist, I believe the power of arts. By using different arts modalities, we would provide a comfortable and safe atmosphere for the elderly to express their emotions. Through the artmaking process, we could help the participants to take care of their own emotions (e.g. regulate their emotion), and to review their needs. Ultimately, we would like to help the participants to further develop themselves via creative arts. In Ebenezer elderly Home, we use a lot of music, tactile sensation, movement and story telling to help the residents who have limited eyesight. I have been providing the voluntary services to the same elderly home since 2019.

What work does the employee do for charity

I am a registered Expressive Arts Therapist. I finished a 3-year part time course from the University of Hong Kong in 2019. Since then, I started my charitable work in the capacity of a registered Expressive Arts Therapist. I organize therapeutic treatment sessions in both group and individual formats, in which I use different arts modalities e.g. visual arts, music, dance & movement, drama, storytelling...etc. as a tool to help my clients depending on their needs. My targeted clients vary from children with special educational needs (SEN), adults with depression, elderly with dementia and etc. Currently, I provide voluntary work to an elderly home every month together with two other colleagues from the university. We organize an one and a half hour session for a group of residents in the elderly home on a monthly basis. Attached is a video clip showing a lady with visual impairment playing piano. The lady who newly joined the elderly home, totally lost her eyesight and encounters mobility disabilities (in particular her left arm). She used to play piano but stopped subsequent to the loss of her eyesight after a brain surgery. She became very introvert and is unwilling to do any exercise that requires her to move her arms. We have customized a 5-session group work and the lady is one of the participants. In the first two sessions, she was very conservative and paid us very little attention. Until the 3rd session, we decided a session for them to play different musical instruments including piano. During that session, she initiated to play the piano after two others had been playing, and the video was taken while she was playing. All the nurses and social workers in the elderly home were stunned to witness the special moment as they had never seen the lady playing the piano and moving her arms freely. The power of arts is unlimited and amazing!!

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