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Mohamed Alraeesi

Quality and Performance Supervisor

Bahrain, MENA


education is vital in the life of children

Main aim of the charity

• The main aim of this charity is the continuation of education as this is a fair clear right for every child to have. Education elevates people, education is a powerful weapon that can help people to fight for a better future. DHL needs to educated and intellectual people and maybe one of those under privileged kids will join DHL one day.

How the employee got involved and why

• I do volunteer work because I feel it makes feel alive, I love giving back to the community, I always wonder how would I feel if I was in need one day? Will anyone help me? Will anyone care? these thoughts haunt me and I know many people in need feel that all the time, I just want them to know that there are people who actually care and want to help because they love people. The self-fulfillment that I feel after volunteering is indescribable. I started doing volunteer work on 2012, and with Bahrain voluntary work society since 2017.

What work does the employee do for charity

• As a result of COVID19 hitting the world and affecting everyone’s life where many were trapped inside their own homes. This made me think of the under privileged families where they don’t have any online entertainment or any sort of online education, this sparked an idea where I search for families that need a laptop or PC to support their education. It really upsets me to know that a child is missing on school or learning new things, hence this idea. I contacted the local shops and pitched my idea to them and I have received a positive response. Within one week I have received the laptops, Pcs and webcams for attending online school classes. • I have searched for families in need of these items and there was an overwhelming number of families with children that did not have a basic laptop or pc. Unfortunately we were unable to help everyone, I had to choose the families that needed those items desperately, even with that there is a huge number of people in need which broke my heart. Families came to Bahrain voluntary work society center to collect the laptop and some couldn’t make it as they didn’t even own a car in which we arranged special deliveries to their home.

Big hearts change the world Big hearts change the world

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