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Ernesta Pažusytė | Joanna Krop | Priscilla Koopmanschap | Shirley Ramplin & Team | Steven Daly

Global and Europe Head Office (GHO/EHO), Europe


Main aim of the charity

Ernesta Pažusytė - LITHUANIA. Charitable Cause: Vilniaus „Vilties’’ specialioji mokykla-daugiafunkcinis centras | Joanna Krop - AUSTRIA Charitable Cause: The Baobab Home | Priscilla Koopmanschap - NETHERLANDS Charitable Cause: HandicapNL | Shirley Ramplin & Team - UNITED KINGDOM. Charitable Cause: Derbyshire Leicestershire Rutland Warwickshire Northamptonshire Air Ambulance | Steven Daly - IRELAND. Charitable Cause: Daddys With Angels (DWA)

How the employee got involved and why

All DGH applicants are passionate about their causes and each has a unique story about their involvement, watch the film to find out more.

What work does the employee do for charity

Ernesta Pažusytė: Having a disabled brother herself, Ernesta is actively helping to make the days of people with disabilities better through simple things like going to a park for a walk or crafting together. | Joanna Krop: Joanna has been supporting The Baobab Home for the past 5-6 years by sponsoring education of kids, running fundraising campaigns and organizing finance matters. | Priscilla Koopmanschap: About 4 years ago, Priscilla became a buddy for a person with a disability. Every 2 weeks they do various activities and learn a lot from each other. | Shirley Ramplin & Team: For the last 15 years Shirley & team have been organizing charity fund raisers to support funding the Air Ambulance to keep it in the air saving lives. | Steven Daly: DWA is a support group for any male suffering a loss of a child. Steven is a regular volunteer providing support to bereaved dads due to the lack of available male support across the sector.

Big hearts change the world Big hearts change the world

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