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Fighting poverty in Indonesia

Main aim of the charity

We just want to contribute in fighting the poverty in Indonesia. It might be a small act for me but it means so much and can bring so much change for the people fighting poverty in Indonesia.

How the employee got involved and why

I was born in Indonesia myself and every year when I go back I try do to my part in fighting the poverty in Indonesia. I also like to visit an orphanage, and a special home for disabled children where I try do donate as much food supplies as possible.

What work does the employee do for charity

- To help the poverty in Indonesia, especially during Covid since beginning of 2020, many people are not allowed to work, and not like in Europe, they do not have support from government. So, many people have almost no income to support their expenses. While in the normal time when they can work, it is sometime hard for them to get enough money to buy food for a day, and this Covid situation pushes them into worse situation where they really can’t afford to buy food to survive. To participate in helping them a little, my friends and I tried to collect several hundred of euro per month (our money, donations from people and we sell things for charity), and we will buy in Indonesia some main groceries like rice, eggs, sugar, milk, etc, that we share to the less fortunate people that need our help to survive. - And every year, when I go home to Indonesia, I also like to visit an orphanage, and a special home for disabled children. In Indonesia normally this kind of organization are organized by non profit organization or a Church, where they can only survive with some donation from the people. As the situation is not always easy for them, I normally help them as much as I could, like normally I share like 1 ton of rice each year to several places, and last year I feel happy that I could feed 350 children from several orphanages during Christmas day, so they can celebrate a little bit on that special day.

Big hearts change the world Big hearts change the world

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