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"Find Uniform for Doctor"

Main aim of the charity

project goals "Find a Bear Suit for Doctor Who" is to raise funds to pass the shortage of medical equipment to government hospitals throughout Thailand as much as possible. At present, the equipment we have delivered to more than 480 hospitals, that Since March 2020,we already made more than 40,000 pieces of face shield,40,000 pairs of feet cover and 20,000 pieces of PPE Suit and continue A project to help the unemployed earn income to support their families during the Covid-19 crisis by distributing part of the work to unemployed and give money for compensation, that they can earn their living by making these equipment.

How the employee got involved and why

It started from the feeling that I wanted to help protecting my high school friends, whom become doctors and work closely with the Covid patient. When the covid-19 first came in March 2020, the situation was unexpected that the protective equipment were not sufficient. PPE ( Personal Protective Equipment) or so called “Teddy Bear Uniform” in Thai, becomes very hard to find in the market. I saw that shortage problem and would like to help my doctor friends, so I asked out my friend whom have the same intention to help to find the Teddy Bear Uniform for doctor together. Since the doctors and frontline workers had to focus on their patients, leaving them no time to find the protective gear for themselves. At that time, I also worked for another volunteer group called Buranaphut foundation, founded by ดังตฤณ - ศรัณย์ ไมตรีเวช. After Mr. ดังตฤณ knew the story, he would like to help us finding more volunteer. He posted the announcement on the foundation facebook page and after that we gain more interest and the project become bigger and expand to all the provinces in Thailand under Buranaphut foundation. More volunteers are joining the project by word of mouth sharing the same intention to protect doctors. When it was a really shortage of the equipment that we cannot find anymore, we started to make the equipment on our own. We started with face shield and tried to improve the quality through all the advices from doctors. The supplies has to be acquired from the trustworthy manufacturer. We started small production within our team and created a short tutorial videos to give an instruction to the new volunteer. Later, the project scope was expanded to help an unemployed people as well, that they can earn their living by making these equipment.

What work does the employee do for charity

I am a volunteer for the project “Find uniform for doctors” aiming to supply the protective equipment to all provinces in Thailand during the gear shortage due to Covid-19. The equipment includes PPE, mask, face shield ,and disposable feet cover for frontline doctor. In our volunteer team, we assigned one team called “Diplomatic team” to connect with the hospitals in their own region to gain the information on Covid-19 situation in the area and find out what protective equipment they require. Then, we will prioritize the urgency of the support need and will deliver the gear to them as soon as we can. On top of that, we created a team to make the uniform for the doctor. This is because there are many people that is out of job during the pandemic that they have time to make the protective equipment. The supplies for uniform will be provided to the volunteer so they can bring home to make on their own. Our team also provide compensation for someone whom would like to earn some money because they don’t have job, so they can earn 600 Baht for 200 pieces of equipment they can make. Therefore, everyone is joining the project to help each other and also help the doctor.

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