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Italy, Europe

Inclusivity & respect


Main aim of the charity

To find a family and a home to stray, mistreated and abandoned dogs. This concerne physical and mental rehabilitation paths, creation of relationships of trust and collaboration with people and insertion in urban and family contexts in order to have and give a peaceful and fulfilling life

How the employee got involved and why

I started back on 2018 and I am doing it for different reasons: I believe if you do something for free for othere (the weakest, the voiceless, the last in line, the forgitten and so on) you turn out to be a better person time after time I love animals and dogs in particular and I could not stand to see (on socials) that many of them are suffering and dying without doing my very best to support them and give them back a little part of what they have been deprived of by some bad person By dealing with dogs I keep on learning to observe and learn by body and face talking and this is quite helpful also to deal with persons Last, but not least, after a week lived at fast speed for DHL, an afteroon spent in the silence of the country is a real balm for mind, brain and body

What work does the employee do for charity

I spent half a day each week playing, petting and walking in the country with strays and abandoned dogs coming from Italy, Spain and Albania. The purpose of these acticity and of the shelter is to give dignity back to these mistreated dogs and to teach them to trust humans so that they can find a forever family and home. This very often takes patience, empathy, time, love and capability to interact at a common level of comunication that is why daily activities also concern mental activation tricks, socialisation groups and, luckily after Covid-19 tornado, we have started lately back to drive our guest to walk in city parks, uptowns and city environments

Big hearts change the world Big hearts change the world

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