Mathias Roos


Sweden, Europe

Inclusivity & respect

Friend during crisis

Main aim of the charity

I listen to people who are in need of a friend and someone to listen. Many can't understand how it is to have outlived their friends or hard to gain friends. and those people can have a hard time and gain mental health issues. so I try to be a helping hand when people can't meet their friends or don't have any. in a time like this.

How the employee got involved and why

I started about 2 months after Covid-19 came to sweden, about March

What work does the employee do for charity

During Covid-19 I talked on the phone with people that where alone and needed someone to talk to. Both younger and elderly people that didn't have friends or family. that felt they needed someone by their side, to be their friends. Two hands on the steering wheel and a steady gaze on the road doesn’t prevent Mathias Roos from helping those who feel alone and worried during the Covid pandemic. Truck driver Mathias Roos spent a lot of time alone when he was younger. That's when he realized how much it can mean to have someone to talk to for a while. - My mother became mentally ill and I was alone at home quite a lot because she needed to visit the hospital and also worked a lot, he says. Conversations from both older and younger But he found friends who were in the same situation and in times when the corona crisis made many people help with everything from shopping to dog walks, it was the social contact that Mathias Roos felt he wanted to help with. By registering on social media at Coronahjälpen in Örebro County, he now receives calls connected via a switchboard directly to the hands-free system in the truck. - There are some older people who call, he says. Those who may have lost their partner many years ago and now are a little worried and lonely. But also some at my age who feel they need to talk about their concerns with someone. He talks about everything: politics, cooking, baking, photography, music or anything he sees on the road between Örebro and Linköping that he often drives. Should there be calls that require medical expertise or a psychologist, he has the opportunity to refer the calls on to trained staff. - But in that case I always listen to what people have for the problem first, he concludes.

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