Jianlong Chen

HR Generalist

China, China


Go Teach for Children with Autism in Shenzhen

Main aim of the charity

Shenzhen Nanshan Shining Star Special Children Rehabilitation Center, a non-profit private social welfare organization, is registered under the approval of Bureau of Civil Affairs, and it’s aimed at helping children with autism make progress in communication\body function and self-management skills.

How the employee got involved and why

To align with DHL’s Go Green, Go Teach and Go Help pillars, We hope that the project will attract attention from society and to children’s autism. Nowadays, autism is more and more found among new born babies in Shenzhen and other big cities in China, comparing with two decades ago. While, only a few people know this special disease and have knowledge and proper attitude towards these lovely but special children. In DHL Express Shenzhen office, there are a certain number of employees just became new Mom and Dad. To learn how to care for and interact with a kid, especially an autistic kid is actually an attractive and meaningful lesson for them. It will provide opportunities for them to grow to mature parents and responsible social person. Since 2014, we have arranged for volunteers to go to this organisation to provide volunteer activities every year。

What work does the employee do for charity

Go Teach for Children with Autism in Shenzhen As the organizer of this project, I’m responsible for the communication and coordination with the Rehabilitation Center, and then arrange for our employees in Shenzhen Area to finish many volunteer activities, which include playing games with the children, help them to finish some music or art classes, and so on. During every single volunteer activity, I will offer support for the transportation, materials, personnel arrangement etc.

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