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Md Aminul Islam


Bangladesh, APEC


Help for Humanity Foundation

Main aim of the charity

To improve life and assist in social inclusiveness of orphans, to empower rural unemployed women and single mothers and to support the poor for fighting against hunger and natural calamities, I founded ‘Help for Humanity Foundation’ in 2017 with 2 volunteers. Currently, with 9 volunteers (including myself), the foundation is providing mental and educational support to the orphans at Thanapara Orphanage (Hazi Khodabox Asabuddin Darul Ulum Orphanage & Madrasah) at Faridpur, Pabna (some 190 kilometers away from Dhaka) by spending 3-4 days a month with them, listening to their needs and future plans, and providing some basic needs (like clothes), tools/ equipment and training for self-development with the view to catering social inclusiveness. In 2021, 4 desktop computers and 95 sets of clothes were provided to orphanage through self-contribution of volunteers and fund raising activities. During covid-19 lockdown when a lot of people around us (mostly day laborer and marginally living people) suddenly got jobless and could not buy foods for their families, with contributions from volunteers, DHL employees and well-wishers, the foundation reached with basic foods to 50 families with which they could manage their living for around 60 days. With the view to empowering women and improving lives of poor, during non-covid situation, the foundation provided winter clothes to children and poor elderly people in northern region of the country (region most affected by hunger and winter in the country) who fights winter without adequate warm clothes, means of living to unemployed females, single mothers, and jobless people as well as sanitation and pure drinking water to poor people. In 2020-21, the foundation provided 2 Sewing Machines, 5 electric pedal vans, 8 goats, 2 small business set up, few toilets and tube wells, and building materials to homeless people.

How the employee got involved and why

From my student life (since 2006-2007), I have been actively engaged in and volunteering various social community groups working for providing food and clothes to street children, orphans and destitute as well as empowerment of female. I got engaged with them from my realization that I have some responsibility to the society and many small contributions together can make a big change. While working with them, I witnessed the sufferings of orphan children who live marginally at the orphanage. At orphanage they mentally think themselves excluded from the society and after getting out of orphanage at certain age they struggle to find livelihood to keep their heart and soul together. I also eye witnessed the poor parents and single mothers in rural northern districts and in different part of the country how much struggle they do to manage a full course a day, sanitation, drinking water etc. Though I was working with social community groups as well as supporting poor and orphans independently on different occasions, I was not getting full satisfaction. I was wondering how I could do more in a consistent way. Upon discussing with my family, DHL colleagues and acquaintances, I established ‘Help for Humanity Foundation’ in 2017 with two volunteers. Now, I along with 8 other volunteers are working under this organization to implement its motto.

What work does the employee do for charity

Twice in a month, on Thursday evening I travel approximately 7-8 hours to Thanapara Orphanage (Hazi Khodabox Asabuddin Darul Ulum Orphanage & Madrasah) at Faridpur, Pabna (some 190 kilometers away from Dhaka) over local bus/ train, pass weekend (Friday and Saturday) with orphans- helping them to understand English and to run computers, giving them the message that they are not outside the society, no license is required for dreaming big and living the dream. I return to Dhaka on Saturday night to join the office on Sunday morning. During festivals (like Eid-ul-Fitr) when orphans and street children do not get new cloths like others and feel themselves alone, I contributed a portion of my salary and collect funds from colleagues and acquaintances, purchased new dress from wholesale market in Dhaka, distributed clothes among them (190 kilometers away from Dhaka) with the help of other volunteers. During Covid-19 when many people in our neighborhood (both in Dhaka and Pabna) were left jobless and could not manage their foods even a single meal in a day. To provide basic food, I donated my bonus amount, collected funds from colleagues and acquaintances, purchased foods (e.g. rice, oil, salt, lentils, potato, some dry foods etc.) from wholesale market, and with the help of other volunteers packed those and distributed among 50 families. I also engaged myself in purchasing and distributing sewing machines, goats, electric pedal vans, as well as assisted in setting up healthy toilets and digging tube well for drinking water.

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