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Helping Hands are better than praying lips – Shri Audumbar Seva Trust Nadhawade Regi No E - 250

Main aim of the charity

In the very first week that India entered the lockdown in March 2020 to curb the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called on various NGO’s and social welfare organizations to step up and help the health care system and government organizations in the fight against COVID-19 by providing basic amenities to the underprivileged, by supplying medical and protective gear and assisting with awareness campaigns on social distancing, blood donation camps, etc. The lockdown had the most adverse effect on the rural areas and also on individuals requiring special attention and help. Vagrant old people and mentally challenged individuals in various NGO’s and Old Age Homes required a helping hand. The “Audumbar Seva Trust ” organization’s attached organizations “Datta Mauli Mahila Mandal ” and “ Trimurti Mitra Mandal ” reached out to pastoral areas of Sindhudurg, Vaibhavwadi on 17th April 2020 and assisted by contributing clothes, grains, and other basic amenities to “Sanvita Aashram”. “Sanvita Aashram” is run for the vagrant and feeble old people mentally challenged patients, and children of mentally challenged patients in Padurtitha, Tal. Kudal, Dist. Sindhudurg. Start of the phase of Covid Its very difficult to manage at remote location village with Covid Centres for patients , Medical Treatments , Transport. All these things have been supported to Village Nadhawade Gram panchayat and provided all required material to start Covid Centre in emergency. During the fight against Covid, a major obstacle was the acute shortage of blood. Maharashtra had recorded a severe drop in the number of blood donations, a crisis is made worse by its rising Covid caseload, a flurry of curbs, and post-vaccination protocol. Maharashtra's daily requirement of blood was 3,000 to 5,000 units but due to restrictions and other obstacles, it was fiendishly difficult to full fill these requirements. Audumbar Seva Trust organization’s attached organizations Datta Mauli Mahila Mandal & Trimurti Mitra Mandal volunteered by organizing a blood donation camp. Entrepreneur and representative of Audumbar Seva Trust Mr.Hanuman Narkar took the responsibility of coming forward as the organizer of this event on the occasion of his birthday. The help that Audumbar Seva Trust and Mr.Hanuman Narkar provided during these tough times was appreciated and cheered upon. The Blood donation camp was held in West Mumbai. Up to 75 blood donators donated their blood to the cause. Blood Donation camp was visited and congratulated by MP. Gopal Shetty, Devgad, and Vaibhavwadi Constituency renowned MLA. Nitesh Rane, MP. Sunil Rane. Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation Cooper Hospital helped in making this blood donation camp a success. The efforts of the Audumbar Seva Trust contributed to the fight against Covid. There is no doubt that the grit and resilience shown by the citizens against COVID-19 is paramount. Though we are yet to see the end of the pandemic, Audumbar Seva Trust has stepped forward and collaborated with various individuals and organizations in a constructive and meaningful way to build back better, and enhance preparedness to face any threat on the development of society and people.

How the employee got involved and why

Its gives me inner strength more and more. Like to see happy faces with doing such activities. Doing social cause event since 1990. Being Secretary of Audumbar Seva Trust since its establishment in 1995 yearly planning 3-4 activity with different event.

What work does the employee do for charity

Audumbar Seva Trust is among the well-known organizations in Sindhudurg, which provides help to underprivileged households by providing them basic amenities and assistance. Audumbar Seva Trust since its establishment in 1995 has stepped up to help people who are in dire need and is engaged in various social activities.

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