Costa Rica, Americas


Helping with the heart

Main aim of the charity

Attend to the needs of the community, people with limited resources, cases of food need, visual problems, children and adolescents with pediatric cancer, prevention of diabetes, care of the needs of orthopedic devices

How the employee got involved and why

I have always supported this type of cause because I like it and it fills my soul to be able to help the less favored. I started in lionism 5 years ago, I live in a community that has more than 20 settlements of families in precarious conditions, we also support other communities and lions clubs in the country when they ask us for help and we can be in solidarity. We know that the needs don’t end and the resources are depleted, despite the fact that the Lions in Costa Rica were declared BENEMERITARY INSTITUTION OF SOCIAL WORK, we do not receive financial aid from the state

What work does the employee do for charity

I am a member of a Lions Club in the Community where I live, Vázquez de Coronado, San José, Costa Rica. We organize and participate in fundraising campaigns to address cases of hunger, pediatric cancer, the environment, diabetes and vision problems, among other needs of the community, support to the community in literacy issues and care for people with disabilities. Additionally, we help in cases beyond these hubs, according to the needs of our communities, be it with clothing, medical appointments, orthopedic devices, etc.

Big hearts change the world Big hearts change the world

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