Eva Vercammen

Payroll Officer

Brussels HUB, Europe

Inclusivity & respect

Homestart Vlaanderen (DOMO)

Main aim of the charity

Supporting families in their development, both children and parents.

How the employee got involved and why

Until recently I spend about 3 hours per week volunteering with a family and supporting them. This ended in September and at the moment I’m waiting to be assigned to a new family. We also hold monthly intervision moments with all the local volunteers (this happens online at the moment). During these moments we are informed, exchange our experiences etc. Besides that there are often different training that we can follow: for example around themes like inclusion, poverty etc. I registered as a volunteer in March 2020 and started working with a family in May 2020. Before I started working with the family, they organized an info session and training.

What work does the employee do for charity

Once a week I volunteer by visiting and supporting a family that could use my help. I do this via the organisation DOMO, stands for Door Ondersteunen Mee Opvoeden (translated: helping in raising through support). The main focus lies on discovering the talents of both children and parents. Because parents are important characters in the development of their children. My role as a volunteer is being a ‘friend at home’. I help the families build and expand their social network and find their strength as a family. In the family where I volunteer, I mostly do the following things: homework support, administrative support, finding hobbies for the children.

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