Omar Hazem

Territory Manager

Saudi Arabia, MENA



Main aim of the charity

the main aim for us as individuals who involved in this charity is to make an impact, support and pay our debt to the community. being lucky enough in this life is not based on our capabilities or our personalities. this is a pure bless, we just try to show our gratitude to God for his countless blesses

How the employee got involved and why

i am involved in charity activities since i was in my primary school, that was like a tradition in my family, my grandfather when he retired, he dedicate a part from his savings and make a small mosque in his home town which still open till today, and this kind of activities we did it and still do it because we know that as part of the community we have to help and support each other, because people think that this activities help only the less fortunate people, but i believe that the reward the donor feel is not less important or even could be better. if you are a reason to help others, this is a huge bless

What work does the employee do for charity

the charitable cause is to support the less fortunate families that they wasn't luck enough to have a proper life or education duo to a hard conditions, they were luck enough to have the bless from God as a test and we just tried to make it easier by supporting them to ease this harsh conditions and also help the community by protecting them from bad or illegal faith i remember that there was family consist of 9 members, the parents and the divorced sister that have 2 kids. this big family is depend only on one person who was the big brother and work as a driver. so we was trying to help them by dedicating a monthly salary that we collect from ourselves and friends want to involve in this charity, what make this worse that this young man become sick duo to all the pressure and weight he had, but thank God we succeed to manage a decent treatment by a decent doctor who was willing to offer the help when he know about his case. we did this for several months and become a big family that we take care about each other. also i remember that there was a young lady with 3 kids and no husband to support and we get her a job that could help her to survive with her 3 angles

Big hearts change the world Big hearts change the world

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