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Tounkara Dioume

Head of Customer Service

Mali, SSA



Main aim of the charity

The principal AIM of this charitable cause is to prevent, to take in charge and to treat obstetrical fistula women. As they have urinate problem, causes during giving birth, they can't have normal life which is the principal cause of their rejection by society. To avoid frustration and stigmatization, they arrange divers activities : telling stories by group of 4 or 3 (each of them tells exactly what happen to her and how she lives with). We organize also film projection to avoid psycho social pressure.

How the employee got involved and why

I like help people in need and social rejected people. Since my youngness , i use to share my food and old clothes to young mandian. I start my different projects since 17 years now.

What work does the employee do for charity

Assist charitable causes is one of my adeene. I use my free time to visit different center to share stories and practice some activities with these rejected women. Sometime, i bring some adult diaper which is buy with my own economy. We make also many projection and check donation with some human foundation in Mali. i use my knowledge to serve them.

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