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Clement odeh

Courier Assistant

Nigeria, SSA


Jaycees Talent hunt

Main aim of the charity

The main aim is to alleviate proverty.This is to liberate them from suffering despite their talents.The works it undertake is to make the world a better place for them..Making sure their goals are accomplished .as well

How the employee got involved and why

i choose to do it because i have great passion for music and when i see great talent i recognize it immediately..In my thoughts and feelings i have alway hope and desire to give talented yourths the platform to achieve their goals in music because building superstars would be a dream come true for me..And i started all these about 7 years ago by touching the life of rejected youths with great talent but are helpless.

What work does the employee do for charity

The Things that i do to support charitable cause are helping talented yourhs to have the opportunity to visit the recording studio and paying for studio seseions and having their songs produced ,however these are youths with great talent wuthout any opportunity to showcase their talent.I try as much as possible to cloth,feed them sometimes and re habilitate them into the society for a better tomorow and assurance to a great career in music.

Big hearts change the world Big hearts change the world

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