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Carlos Jairo Espinosa Robles

Retail Advisor

Mexico, Americas


Joy Joy Comunidad A.C.

Main aim of the charity

Our proposal is to promote human development for children and comprehensive capacities for girls, boys, and pregnant women living with HIV / AIDS and comorbidities, pregnant women living with HIV, ensuring equal and access on the right of inclusive health and technical abilities to obtain economic independence and education. We emphasize the importance of understanding uses and customs, horizontality and empowerment, highlighting their inalienable rights. Our vision is a society where girls, boys and people in vulnerable situations transforms their conditions into opportunities, generating a holistic, equitable circle of self-empowerment advocating their human rights. Our objectives rely on the efforts to generate a circle of integration, self-care and emotional independence for children and adolescents living with HIV. Therefore, we facilitate trainings that build a positive and inclusive vision on issues of gender, health, environment, human rights and sustainable and fair economies.

How the employee got involved and why

Because Joy Joy has identified children and pregnant women who experienced human rights violations hindering their access to HIV treatment. One of the major obstacles for them to access their treatment is discrimination based on ethnicity, language and socioeconomic status. All the children and pregnant women Joy Joy works with have an indigenous background and many of them do not speak spanish. I met Joy Joy at the beginning of this year through a friend who founded the organization. On many occasions I volunteer to accompany them to the hospital or look for someone who could donate food as soon as they arrive in San Cristobal because the expense to come from their communities to the hospitals is very high. When I joined the volunteer service, I realized that these children could really have an opportunity to fight against HIV, yet, their expense limited all opportunity to be healthy.

What work does the employee do for charity

Joy Joy promotes human development for children, pregnant women living with HIV/AIDS, ensuring equal and inclusive access to health services, in favor of a dignified life focused on the right of inclusive health with holistic empowerment to decision making. Joy Joy ensures the management and logistics of access to health care is timely in health institutions; assure monthly medical appointments and clinical analysis as well as the payment of transportation from and back to their communities, food and lodging (if needed) for a dignified access to the corresponding health services. In my work as a volunteer I have collaborated in the accompaniment program. When the children come to San Cristóbal for their treatment, I accompany them to the health centers to monitor equitable access to their treatment. In the work we also made visits to their communities in the follow-up of the treatment, interacting with the families, getting to know their context closely. This engagement made me realize how we can make the difference to change the life of children, but important it changed how I see the world now.

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