Suresh Devadiga

Senior Manager Customer Accounting

United Arab Emirates, MENA


KADAM - Kundapura Devadiga Mitra

Main aim of the charity

Main Aim is to provide selfless service to the community and Education Adoption of Poor Childers who are unable to continue their schooling due to their parents financial conditions. Providing Medical assistance to the needy people who are financially week.

How the employee got involved and why

1) To ensure that Children's who are under previledged are able to continue their schooling and stand on their own leg than become slaves of someone else. Also I feel giving the education sponsorship sphered the happiness to the parents and to the children's. Education is the basic back bone of any individuals who would like to explore something as per their will & beyond. Have been doing this many years but with the current associates its since 2018 and this will continue . 2) Marriages are universal, There are so many parents who are unable to perform their daughters wedding due to financial situations. When I come across any such families irrespective of race & religion in need of financial assistance without two thoughts I extend my both hands with maximum possible financial support to ensure that their Daughters get married and settled happily. Have been doing this since last 4 years. so far other than my own relatives. I have provided financial support to 3 Parents for their Daughters Marriages 3) I have been contributing monthly fixed amount to the Charity Group and when any individuals who require medical assistance we support from the collected fund. have joined this group since 2017 onwards and continued till date.. I feel happy and Humble to do these types of charity work without telling others. Also have been helping many individuals who are below the poverty line when I come across any such people specially Old aged

What work does the employee do for charity

1) I Contribute from my personal capacity to support the charitable activity. I have been sponsoring for 3 Girl children's complete Education who have lost their father and unable to continue their schooling. 2) Have been extending my support to perform Marriage of Girl child who's parents are very poor & unable to perform the wedding of their daughters to the minimum standards and as per their Age. 3) Medial Assistance to the needy patients who are unable to get treated with proper care due to lack of their financial conditions.

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