Verna Lopez

Pricing and Sales Tools Managers

Peru, Americas

Inclusivity & respect

Kamay Kushi

Main aim of the charity

We seek to create spaces where children and their families believe in their potential, discover their talents and develop them in an environment of respect and tolerance, in order to grow as individuals and promote their economic activities. *** We are in the process of the non-profit association in procedures with the regulated entity in Peru (Delayed by the pandemic)

How the employee got involved and why

May 2020 We started supporting this Mazamari community in Junin-Peru since we found out from a contact that they were going through a lot of need There are 300 children, the community was formed about 30 years ago that were homeless families who were victims of terrorism in Peru

What work does the employee do for charity

We carry out face-to-face visits to develop talks, workshops on personal orientation, values ​​and education. Training is provided for personal and social development. Donations of clothing, medicine, supplies, food, etc. are made. Personal care services such as haircuts and fluoridation are provided. It locates specific needs of the sector and seeks to implement appropriate solutions.

Big hearts change the world Big hearts change the world

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