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Lok Adhikar Youth FounDation

Main aim of the charity

The Main aim of charitable trust is to help each and every individual who is need without any discrimination and providing education to poor children's for better tomorrow.

How the employee got involved and why

Why I do it because I feel it is my personal responsibility as I also live in the slum but I am fortunate to work with DHL so I am being a great support to my family but I know there are many families around me and around the entire nation those are not so fortunate and need some kind of support. I strongly feel contributing to human kind is the best service to god and that should be the objective of our lives to hep eachother and I personally feel very satisfied after helping people those are in need. I am helping people on my personal level since years but I have joined the charitable trust in 2019 and since then I have worked towards cleaning beaches to save environment, I have worked towards raising funds for our trust, I have worked to supply food to the people those who live on street and I have also got an opportunity to help small villages during natural calamities as well. Pandemic was tough time for us as well, but we decided to help the society in the current times and we have distributed hundreds of Food Packages during the pandemic as well and I will surely continue my service towards the society

What work does the employee do for charity

To support my charitable trust, I raise funds from local people sometimes I with my other teammates take the help of local political support as well to support the good cause. On personal basis daily minimum I spend an hour with my other teammates to plan and prepare for our upcoming social activities. In our trust we also give free education to childrens those are living around in slum areas and I also contribute to their learning by teaching them and guiding them for there bright future. I actively take participation in every social event and I try to bring more people to join our charitable trust so that we can reach out to more number of people who are in need.

Big hearts change the world Big hearts change the world

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