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C&B and Performance Management Manager

Vietnam, APEC


Mai Am Truyen Tin

Main aim of the charity

Firstly, we just wanted to create a place for children to do craft and learn life skills and maximize their creativity than playing game or watching TV. One of our activity plan is to take the children to a charity center, so that they can sympathize with unlucky children and build up their charity. Then, we recognized that we can do some things for those unlucky ones, so with little funds, we are currently helping 4 children there by supplying milks and diaper for them periodly

How the employee got involved and why

Firstly, we started the club was to simply create a venue for little girls to explore their unlimited creativity, enjoy their childhood with fun activities (rather than watching TV or playing smartphone) and also they can learn some essential life skills such as culinary skill, teamwork skill,... Then, the charity idea of "Milk and Diapers" project came to our mind later. One of outdoor activity is taking our girls to the charity center where disadvantaged and poor children living to build up their sympathy and charity characteristics. I have started the Club since Oct 2020 until now. The schedule is one per month. Since Covid-19 situation get worse from May 2021 until now, we try to keep the activity go on via Google Meet.

What work does the employee do for charity

I and a friend (Cecillia) run a DIY club called Little Flowers Club for girls from 6 to 9 year old; it includes but not limit to painting, cooking, doing craft, singing, studying English,ect. It is a voluntary activity for our friends who have those age kids. Some activities need materials, the mothers contribute little amount of money (about 4 EUR/quarter/ person). However, we have provided all material by ourself and use all contribution money for a charity which helping poor children who do not have any resources. The project is called "Milk and Diapers".

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