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Gambia, SSA



Main aim of the charity

Our main aim is to eradicate poverty and help build at least a better environment, in 2019 we visited a village called Kafuta and we donated some clothing's to some of the youths who really needed them. In 2020 during the serious hit with Covid 19, a lot of institutions had shut down their business, many people where job less, some struggled to feed their families, so we donated food stuffs to families that were really in need of the items. Earlier this year, myself personally I was at the hospital because I wasn't feeling okay, but when I got to the hospital it felt like we have gone from a bad health system to worst, people struggling to pay their bills, woman struggling to buy diapers for their new born babies, no bandages to dress the wound, no gloves for the nurses to use and many other things, then i felt we could do something, we used the cash we won last year as country winner and added some more to it and we bought baby diapers, bandages, gloves, adult diapers, sanitary pads, some cash and this was donated to the hospital which helped a lot.

How the employee got involved and why

his foundation was formed since 2019 till date, reason why we started this course was that the living condition in The Gambia is heartbreaking, you have more of people struggling to feed, people struggling to pay their hospital bill, hospital's lack medical materials thus making it difficult for the people to receive good medical treatment, children hocking because their parents don't have the funds to pay for their school fees and many more, so we started with the little we had, but when the DHL got heart was introduce, we felt it was the perfect avenue for us to make a change and we have been benefiting from it and also helping more of our people through that channel.

What work does the employee do for charity

THE MARVICOSE FOUNDATION is a group of three young ladies of help feed, cloth and render assistance to the needy people in our community, we contribute an amount of money from our little coffers and buy materials for people we feel we should give them to. It id difficult to get donations from people so we make sure we contribute and amount and buy the stuffs needed.

Big hearts change the world Big hearts change the world

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