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Ahmad Al Saidi | Imane Ghazaoui | Med Amine Ksebi | Zainab Al Qallaf

Regional Head Office (MENA Head Office), MENA


Main aim of the charity

Ahmad Al Saidi - JORDAN. Charitable Cause: Hassad Humanitarian Relief | Imane Ghazaoui - UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. Charitable Cause: Association de Solidarité des Enfant de la Lune | Med Amine Ksebi - MOROCCO. Charitable Cause: Hero Family | Zainab Al Qallaf - KUWAIT. Charitable Cause: Al Maha Volunteering Group

How the employee got involved and why

All DGH applicants are passionate about their causes and each has a unique story about their involvement, watch the film to find out more.

What work does the employee do for charity

Ahmad Al Saidi: Since 2012 Ahmad has been involved in raising money to help the underprivileged refugee communities by providing food, medicine, books, clothes and entertainment and personally delivering these to the refugees in Jordan. | Imane Ghazaoui: After Imane’s sister got diagnosed with the XP disease, Imane together with her father spread awareness about the disease; distribute creams, masks and sunglasses to children and help them accept their condition. | Med Amine Ksebi: Since 2015 Mohamed has been volunteering for the Hero Family to help people in need and orphans to get an education and food especially during the Corona pandemic when children were not able to continue their studies. | Zainab Al Qallaf: As part of the volunteering group Zainab helps families and children in need with providing meals, winter clothes, school fees and school bags with stationary or keeping a company to the elderly.

Big hearts change the world Big hearts change the world

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