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Naing Win Soe


Myanmar, APEC


Myanmar White Star

Main aim of the charity

Main objective of our group “Myanmar White Star” is based on Humanitarian. Those include patients and family members of COVID-19, families in need of daily food, homeless and those in need of medical care, victims of natural disasters and displaced families from war zone. We primarily targeted them.

How the employee got involved and why

It started when I got an accident while playing football. Ambulance and voluntary workers were ready and I was taken immediately to the nearest hospital. For me, everything was convenient and fine in a very short time. I appreciated the voluntary workers and their works then. After I recovered, I jumped into the voluntary works as a member of the group.

What work does the employee do for charity

I am one of the DGH’s regional winner in 2019 and donated two ambulances with award cash to the Myanmar White Star Voluntary Group. Currently, I am serving as the chairman in the voluntary group and arranging routes to the required destinations, personally taking care of serious accidents. Since the end of June 2021, covid19 third wave hit and outbreak in Myanmar. With no proper healthcare support at hospital due to the political turmoil situation in our country, people of Myanmar had to prepare for protection covid19 by their own plan as well as had to cure themselves, try to get oxygen and made covid test themselves at home. People of Myanmar do not have such kind of experience before so that we, Myanmar people had to struggle themselves in very difficult way and I helped for emergency ambulance service, try to support oxygen for emergency patient, helped for covid RTD test in my personal time. Furthermore, I saved the life of several people by giving emergency first aid and provided ambulance service for those who were wounded and got serious injuries during the riot time. The most pride time for me was saving the life of people during the gun-shooting conditions and luckily I still alive. By the arrangements of management of DHL Myanmar, I have completed Certified Pharmacy and Nurse-Aid Training in this year and, therefore, I am providing First-Aid Training to the members of the voluntary workers as well.

Big hearts change the world Big hearts change the world

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