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Shin Khai Lee

Service Quality Manager

Malaysia, APEC


PAWs Animal Welfare Society

Main aim of the charity

I wanted to continue the TNR initiatives on the strays (Trap, Neuter, Release/Rehome) so we can have a more compassionate community in co-habiting with these furry kids. Aside to this, educational effort needed to be done mainly on #AdoptDontBuy as well as neutering/spaying exercise to be a more responsible animal/pet owners, this is actually the toughest part in reducing the numbers of stray on the street and also to reduce the mortality of them being hit by cars or die of disease by the road :(

How the employee got involved and why

The main motivation to this initiative is driven by the current situation that the communities in Malaysia is facing. Many of us are blessed with a job and without impact to our earnings, however, many others were less fortunate. We need to do something about it! With the guidance from Jasweet, our HR Director and the support from the SMT, employees and dear colleagues, friends and family, I take lead of getting this going in April 2021.

What work does the employee do for charity

Essential food items distribution to the families who were impacted during the CoVid19 pandemic - The project starts from sourcing, packing and ended with distribution to the various worship houses around Malaysia who will then help to distribute to the communities/families around them that they have identified needed food aid. The fund for this project was raised through all employees of DHL Express Malaysia through a virtual Bake For Charity event and MYR50k from the raised was allocated for me to start this project. Initially we were confident the packing of the boxes would be completed in just a weekend with the numbers of volunteers that were keen to help.. However, that was also the time that the CoVid19 outbreak in the country became worst and in ensuring we do not put the safety of our volunteers at risk, we were challenged in completing the packing of the planned 360 boxes. We wouldn't want to postpone this initiative despite the outbreak situation, knowing the fact that there are so many families were affected and still waiting for food aid, we continue to do whatever we can! So, many weekends were spent, either only with myself alone or blessed with another kind soul from a colleague or the janitor in the service center that I were in, we continue to packed and distributed the boxes out on weekly basis - finally, 360 boxes completed. The 360 boxes, each consists of many common essential food items that a typical Malaysian family needed - eg: noodles, flour, cooking oil, biscuits, Milo, condensed milk, and others - were successfully distributed through our own local domestic network. The respective teams at the service centers/gateway then volunteered to delivered them to those identified worship houses so they can be distributed to the community. Despite all these, we still constantly reminding each other to be vigilant and to be safe since the CoVid19 outbreak was still pretty bad. God blessed that we have completed this initiative and I am looking forward to start the next which is to support the potential flood victims as we are expecting the year end monsoon and rain will be impacting these community badly. So, here we go again! Fired up! Ready to go!

Big hearts change the world Big hearts change the world

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