Amina Reiter

Business Support Specialist and Data Entry Agent

Hungary, Europe


Save food to save lives

Main aim of the charity

The Hungarian Food Bank Association is a non-profitorganization that works to make a link between surplus food and people in need in Hungary in order to help reduce poverty, hunger and malnutrition. The Hungarian Food Bank Association started its work in September 2005, and became a full-fledged member of the European Federation of Food Banks (FEBA) in 2006. MISSION We're searching surplus food to pass it for the needy, saving food and reducing hunger at the same time.

How the employee got involved and why

I started volunteering at the Hungarian Food Bank Association In 2019. 1.8 million tons of food surplus is generated in Hungary every year. If we put this amount on trucks, the line would be from Budapest to Paris. Meanwhile, many thousands of deprived people live in Hungary, including tens of thousands of children - if we cans save the food, we can save these people too.

What work does the employee do for charity

I am volunteering at the Hungarian Food Bank Association. About the Association: We have managed to establish a logistical background which enables the reception, storage and distribution of thousands of tons of food annually. We look up and collect the food from hypermarkets, factories, processing plants and producers that are already redundant but still edible. We also take care of the transport, safe storage and distribution of the attained stocks. Depending on the type of food, they either reach the needy from our own warehouse or through our partners directly from the supermarket. The Food bank does not aid individuals directly. The food is passed to charities who then distribute it among the people who need it, ensuring responsible allocation. The path of food is tracked by the Food bank all the way. Strict rules are in place for the partners regarding the distribution and everything is accounted for. Administration of the invoices is done by volunteers of the Food bank. We work together with almost 400 charities, which provide food to more than 300 000 indigents. We strive for even and fair distribution, paying special attention to people’s headcount, demographic circumstances, living conditions and catering. The Food Bank has a Charity Kitchen where volunteers regularly bake pies and biscuits. I have been actively involved in this for years, and I have also helped the work of the Food Bank with smaller activities (cleaning, tidying up, sorting). This year I will be attending the Christmas food gathering.

Big hearts change the world Big hearts change the world

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