Dekker Wessels

Gateway & Ground Operations Manager Cape Town

South Africa, SSA


South African Water Warriors

Main aim of the charity

I support a NGO called South African Water Warrios that support farmers and farm workers around South Africa where there I severe droughts and we basically support with water, animal feed and food parcels for the farmers and their workers. South Africa had some of its worst droughts basically since 2008 and some farmers did not get proper rain in the last 10 years and relay battling. Support given this year so far 13 March 2021 Nuwerus / Bitterfontein 70 Farmers and farm workers supported. 10 April 2021 Ladismith Western Cape 150 Farmers and farm workers supported. 15 May 2021 Moordenaarskaroo 200 Farmers and farm workers supported. 3 July 2021 Wolwefontein Eastern Cape 180 Farmers and farm workers supported. 2 September Concordia region Springbok 135 Farmers and farm workers supported and 2 Old age homes.

How the employee got involved and why

In Cape Town we had one of or worst droughts ever in 2018 and we had to do what ever we can to save water and with this i realized how bad it is for farmers when they do have droughts and most of them specially in the Karoo had droughts for many years now and in some instances its so bad that farmers took their own lives because they could not handle it any more seeing their animal dying of hunger. I felt like i needed to do something from my side and wanted to join an organization that makes a difference.

What work does the employee do for charity

I support my charity where i make myself available to drive out on my own cost and vehicle to delivered food and water to farmers and in most cases its at least a 1000 km round trip. I do support as well on getting donations in so that we can support on more trips in a year.

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