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Ambrose Kijana | Amina Mohomede | Dekker Wessels | Faneva Raharimanantsoa | Tounkara Dioume

Regional Head Office (SSA Head Office), SSA


Main aim of the charity

Ambrose Kijana - UGANDA. Charitable Cause: Ibanda Babies Home | Amina Mohomede - MOZAMBIQUE. Charitable Cause: Casa Madre Maria Clara | Dekker Wessels - SOUTH AFRICA. Charitable Cause: South African Water Warriors | Faneva Raharimanantsoa - MADAGASCAR. Charitable Cause: Voizo | Tounkara Dioume - MALI. Charitable Cause: Iamaneh Project

How the employee got involved and why

All DGH applicants are passionate about their causes and each has a unique story about their involvement, watch the film to find out more.

What work does the employee do for charity

Ambrose Kijana: Ambrose himself raised as a baby at the Ibanda Babies home started volunteering in 2019 to help other children like him by regular donations and visits to the orphanage interacting with the kids and the carers. | Amina Mohomede: Amina helps the orphanage as much as she can with her own funds by talking to the children, looking for financial support, healthcare support and education. | Dekker Wessels: The NGO supports farmers and farm workers around South Africa, especially after severe droughts. Dekker delivers water, animal feed and food parcels to the farmers himself at his own cost, in most cases making a 1000 km round trip. | Faneva Raharimanantsoa: Since 2020 Faneva supports local villagers and fishermen to make artificial habitats thanks to the eco-technology Fishes Banking creating a village income-generating activity (marine ecotourism). | Tounkara Dioume: Tounkara has been involved in charitable activities in the last 17 years. In her free time she helps women with obstetric fistula by bringing hygienic supplies and creating activities reducing social stigma around the injury. |

Big hearts change the world Big hearts change the world

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