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Hans Westerink

Operations Retail Support Executive

Netherlands, Europe


Stichting Energy4Finn

Main aim of the charity

Every week, children are born with an energy metabolism disease. A merciless disease, for which there is no cure yet. Research into a drug is vital. In the severe forms of the disease, some of these children die before their tenth birthday. No one can say with certainty at the time of diagnosis how the disease will progress............... The aim of the Energy4Finn foundation is to generate money to accelerate research into a medicine and to improve the quality of improve the children's lives. Attention to this rare but life-threatening disease is very important to us.

How the employee got involved and why

In 2015, my son Finn was diagnosed with energy metabolism disease after 8 years of searching. It is a progressive disease. There is no cure yet and health sometimes changes like a leaf on a tree. Without you having any control over it. As Finn's father, I don't want to stand on the sidelines. I'm not going to watch helplessly as the progressive disease takes more and more away from Finn. That is why I continue to fight for our son Finn and of course for all other children with energy metabolism disease.

What work does the employee do for charity

Every year I climb Mont Ventoux in France. We have started our own foundation so that we can collect money in a transparent way, I also organize different events every year with a team of people around me. Think of a color run, beer evening, dance evening, Christmas market and pepernoten drive-In. And sell beautiful products all year round to raise money, such as nut wreaths, Christmas pieces and beer packages. And every year we participate in the Mont Ventoux Challenge of Join4Energy. This year I will even climb the Mont Ventoux from 3 sides in 1 day! On Mont Ventoux it is always "TE". It is "TOO" hot or "TOO" cold and always "TOO" windy. Unfortunately there are also children with "TOO" little energy!!

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