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The Baobab Home

Main aim of the charity

The Baobab Home started in 2004 as an orphanage for HIV children and over the years evolved to meet the changing needs of the local community. It currently covers the following programs: Children's Home: family-style orphanage for vulnerable children whose families are unable to care for them. Steven Tito Academy: English-medium, charity primary school that opened in 2012 to serve the children of the local community. In 2021 the school reached its full capacity with 180 students. Organic Farm: twelve acres of arable land with fishponds, cows, poultry, fruit trees, and several organic gardens. The farm uses solar energy, biogas for cooking and black soldier fly composting solution. Breakfast Program: daily breakfast served to HIV/AIDS patients at the district hospital serving 1600 patients per month. Outreach Work: assistance to individuals in the community who are in need. This program is run on a case-by-case basis. More information can be found on the following websites:

How the employee got involved and why

I have been supporting The Baobab Home for the past 5-6 years. I started with irregular donations and when my daughter Theresa was born (2017), I decided to sponsor the education of one kid at Steven Tito Academy. Last year I joined the Board that gave me the opportunity to support the organization not only financially but also with my professional knowledge and experience. I am privileged to be part of The Baobab Home Family and work with amazing people towards our vision to improve the future of Tanzania’s most vulnerable children.

What work does the employee do for charity

My voluntary work is dedicated to one organization - The Baobab Home - a small community-focused NGO registered in US and operating in Bagamoyo, Tanzania . In my role as Finance Expert and Board Member of The Baobab Home, I support the organization in various finance topics but also in the area of strategy development and fundraising. This year I've been working with the local finance team in Tanzania on improving the accounting processes, providing the Board with annual budget, monthly reporting and general finance, tax and cash-flow guidance. I also run fundraising campaigns to support the general funds of the organization ( ) and encourage my DHL colleagues, family & friends to join various charity events. As a team building activity this year, my team & I joined the Global Run with the Baobab Kids ( ). In addition to my voluntary work as a Finance Expert, I also sponsor a little girl Najma who is already in 4th grade at English medium primary school - Steven Tito Academy - that is run by The Baobab Home organization.

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