Tolulope Ajibade

Compensation, Benefits & HR Systems Manager

Nigeria, SSA


The YoungMinds School Support Initiative

Main aim of the charity

"The main aim of The YoungMinds School Support Initiative charitable cause is to support young school students especially the ones whose parents are poor and cannot afford to change their school uniforms (general appearance) as at when due. The YoungMinds School Support Initiative partners with School principals within my neighborhood to identify and provide less privilege kids with school uniforms."

How the employee got involved and why

"The biennial contribution and school support initiative started December 2019, while the first volunteering was done in the February 2020, with the second planned for May, 2020. This was not achieved because due to school inactivity as a result of Covid19. However, the first distribution of the school wears was done in the early part of the calendar year to help student settle into academic works with the right self-esteem and good appearances."

What work does the employee do for charity

"I understand the challenges many kids face in changing their uniforms as often as it is expected during the school year, at some point in my early school years I faced this same challenge because of my parent financial situation then, the tarred state of my school uniform at those period affected my self-esteem and general academic performance. Based on these personal experiences, I and a group of friends started a biennial fund contribution and school support initiatives, we made available a lump sum of money and partnered with a fashion designer. We then approach one of the few high schools within our neighborhood, discuss with the principals of the school to help randomly select ten school children with tarred school uniforms, for a total uniform makeup. The selected kids are then provided with a new set of school wears after some days. I understand that the provision of new school wear for these kids has increased their sense of class performance and general esteem among their mates based on the feedback provided by their teachers and guardians."

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