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Volunteers of Cobb County Animal Shelter

Main aim of the charity

We help to provide care to pets in the shelter, such as clean cages and daily walks (dogs). Among many other activities, we also run the 2 public online pages to help find forever homes for all the adoptable pets at the shelter.

How the employee got involved and why

I started at the beginning of March this year (2021). I've been meaning to volunteer there for months since we got our 2nd cat from the shelter, however due to the pandemic, it took me longer to be able to schedule a volunteer tour. I do it because I've always enjoyed volunteering for different causes, mainly ones that involved animals, little kids or teenagers, however I was really looking for consistent volunteering instead of one time events. There's a lot of help needed in our communities, we just need to pick whatever we are passionate about it and pour our time and love into it. Its absolutely worth it.

What work does the employee do for charity

I volunteer at the Cobb County Animal Shelter. I go there every Sunday and sometimes Saturdays to walk a row of dogs that are in kennels and in much need of a 10 min daily walk. I walk between 12-18 dogs and also try to spend at least 1 hour each time with cats, cleaning their cages and providing a little bit of love. Some of these pets stay for months and months in these tiny cages,

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